Monday, April 25, 2011

The Forgotten Echo by Jen Wylie

Nutshell:  Jen Wylie starts out with an interesting concept--a young woman shot in a parking lot finds herself saved by an Immortal and converted into an Echo (a being existing outside what we would call the real world)--but fails to develop it in any detail.  The hints of a larger story swirl around but fail to materialize.  Two stars.

Review:  First of all, I am a whore for fantasy.  Set up any story with magical otherworldy beings and I'll go home with it.  But this incredibly short story--I read it in less than half an hour--seems to be merely an outline, a summary in place of a story.  The story races along but with no detail, and characterization is thrown by the wayside.  Here's basically how Cassy thinks throughout: "I hate my Immortal! I'm going to find my Immortal! Why hasn't he called me?  I'm scared he'll call me!  I'm angry at him!  I want to protect him!".  It should have been called The Bipolar Echo.  The entire thing just seemed high-schoolish.

This cost me 99 cents and I read it on Kindle for PC.  The formatting was perfect, and I noted no editing errors within.  The author's section at the end was a nice touch.

Rating: I wish I could recommend this book, but there are too many other, better books out there, even for a buck.  Two stars.

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