Sunday, June 19, 2011

The eBook on eBooks by Aaron Patterson

Nutshell:  Kindle bestselling author Aaron Patterson cashes in on his success with this crappy little waste of three bucks.  One star.

Review:  This exceedingly slim volume contains absolutely nothing you can't glean from any succesful indie writer's blog.  Konrath's, for example.  If you're serious about indie publishing, then you've already learned everything in this ridiculous excuse for a book.  Patterson had the opportunity to really write an interesting--perhaps even inspiring--story, but instead whipped this paper-thin thing off in an afternoon, apparently.  A couple of things stick out:  do you really need a book that defines an e-book for you (meaning literally points out that an e-book is an electronic book, not a book in print) not once, but twice?!  If you haven't figured that out, then you probably are going to have a pretty short career as an indie author.  Second, despite the exhortation to get your books professionally converted so that they look good, you would think that Patterson's own book would have page breaks in the proper places and wouldn't have the odd "Table of Contents" fragment at the end.  Or is it just me who would think that?

Rating:  One star.  Seems like a cynical way to make money off the hopes of indie authors, and really a waste of money.  It would be a waste of time too, but it only took ten minutes to read, so I can't complain about that too much.

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